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Neighborhood Development Company Safe Delivery Practices

Neighborhood Development Company Safe Delivery Practices at Takoma Park-Silver Spring Food Co-Op Statement

The Co-op is an integral part of our community

As the 99-year leaseholder of the property on the west side of the Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-op, NDC respects the valuable role that the Co-op plays in the fabric of our community. Over the past years, we have successfully worked with the Co-op to ensure that they can continue to serve local residents.

We are responsible for everyone’s safety

Hand in hand with our priority for the Co-op’s continued operations is our desire to protect everyone’s safety. That’s why we became concerned when the City of Takoma Park issued a March 10, 2021 document, detailing unsafe loading and unloading practices related to the Co-op’s use of the west side parking lot and their impact on traffic on Carroll Avenue. As the long-term leaseholder on the parking lot, we are responsible for everyone’s safety and are obligated to take the City’s safety concerns seriously. Consequently, we decided to commission our own study of the Co-op’s delivery practices. The completed study detailed the current operation’s threat to pedestrian and driver safety and concurred with the City’s conclusions.

We want to work with all parties to resolve safety concerns

The City recently retracted the March 10 document but the safety issues remain of great concern to us and must be addressed. We are happy to work with both the City and the Co-op to work out a plan ensuring that operations do not pose a threat to public safety. We reached out to both parties this week and are looking forward to their response so we can move forward with a solution that allows the Co-op to resume using our property for deliveries in a safe manner.

The Co-op can still take deliveries on its own property

In the meantime, the Co-op can still take deliveries through a parking lot and loading dock already located on the east side of its own property. While it may not be the Co-op’s first choice for deliveries, it was used for this purpose in prior years and is a clear and workable alternative while we work together to resolve these most important safety issues.

We are very disappointed in the Takoma Park, MD’s City Council’s June 2 vote to disapprove NDC’s site plan for Takoma Junction. Over the past six years, the NDC team has worked closely with the Counc

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